28th and 29th January 2017

It’s been another weekend of good progress here in deepest Newtondale. At the Station 2/3 of the exterior metalwork on the NER grounded body has been cleaned down and a coat of primer applied. On the CCT, new through bolts have been fitted to the replacement beams we installed a couple of weeks ago.
The garage to the rear of the coal shed, which is owned by Station House, has had just roof underfelt on it for quite a while, but it’s time has finally come for the slates to be fitted. In a joint operation with Station House, we are installing the slates on their behalf. To date we have laid about half the roof.
Along the line we have returned to scrub removal, with a goodly length of willow scrub removed on the East side of the line. This continues our work from last winter, as we steadily work back towards the Station.

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