2nd January 2017

A Happy New Year to you all.
We have had another successful Christmas break at the Station. We continued our work around Bridges 16 and 17, cutting down the scrub and opening out views from the train of the lovely valley. Not surprisingly, there is a lot of burning to be done now.
Back at the Station we have continued repairing the CCT van, inserting more timber where large grubs/bugs seem to have eaten the original timber work. New planks have been fitted to the roof and bolted into place. A reshuffle of the stores within has allowed us to reach the next section of rot – something to look forward too for next time!
Our annual day off was the exception to the mild weather this break – rain, hail and sleet showers. This didn’t stop us having a good walk though, investigating the old railway cottage remains between Levisham and Newtondale Halt. After a picnic lunch at the Halt, it was back to Levisham village over the Moors with some stunning views back into the valley.
Today work has continued on the van (in between multiple shunts for the PWay Dept) even though it has been cold and icy – getting out of the valley this evening was ‘interesting’.

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