4th, 5th February 2017

We’ve had another good weekend on the lineside north of the Station. The area has been cleared and a lot of scrub burnt on two good fires. The area around Bridge 17 and northwards looks a lot better. There is also a good view for our passengers now of the adjacent river, fields and sheep.
Back at the Station, the second half of the roof has been slated. A lead flashing top is now all that’s left to do. The grounded van body has had a second coat of primer and then undercoat applied to all the steel parts. In the CCT, the last of the rotten wood has been cut out and all is now ready for the new timber to be inserted. Inside the winter paint shop the 6 foot station seat is now in top coat, as are the timber pieces for the CCT. Inside the Signal Box the woodwork and walls have had their paint touched up.

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