18th-23rd April 2017

We’ve had another good week overall, with lots achieved. During the week the roof of the CCT has been nearly completed, bar the actual canvas – the ply sheet covering and carpet underlay have been fixed down to the roof boards. The last of the exterior timberwork has been replaced and both sides have been sanded down/wire wheeled as required. Following a patch coat of primer, and then undercoat, the first of the top coats has been applied.
On the North Eastern van body further bolted plates have been removed, the rotten ends cut off and new threaded bar welded back onto the studs where required.
Several loads of well-rotted manure have been collected for use in the vegetable patch – we are hoping for bumper crop this year.
A new litter bin has been made, using pre-loved timber.
The Weighbridge Teas have had another excellent weekend of sales, helped by the good weather.

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