11th, 12th November 2017

It’s been a day of two halves – bright, sunny but frosty this morning and wet, wet, wet this afternoon. We have been working south of the station this weekend, revisiting the lineside down to the distant hut. It’s been 4 years since we cleared this area and some of the scrub was over 12’ high. However, better to get it down now rather than waiting another few years and we then need the chainsaws.
Back at the station, more metal parts have been painted, the wicket gates have had some decayed wood cut off them and new pieces made to suit (but not fitted yet). The gardens have had a bit more tidying up done. The fire from last Saturday was still warm yesterday (!) so further garden rubbish was disposed of before tidying up all the ash. The new headstock for the NER van has been put inside the van and a start made on marking it up for drilling and cutting.
A contractor has been in during the week to lay a new lino floor in the signal box to replace the cracked and damaged old one.

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