2nd, 3rd December 2017

All white?! Yes, we had a good covering of snow on Thursday – which is still with us now. It was ‘interesting’ getting here on Friday evening, but we all took the hill carefully and arrived safely.
First up on Saturday morning, therefore, was clearing all the platforms, ready for the first Santa Special of the season. A good frost on Friday night didn’t help, as all the snow turned to ice which meant it was hard work making the platforms safe.
In the General Room, the new wood has been screwed and glued into the 3 wicket gates and a coat of white undercoat applied. Unfortunately more rotten palings were discovered, so some new ones have been made, sanded and primed. These will hopefully be fixed in place next weekend. The Palvan door, currently in the CCT, has had its first filling sanded down and a second fill applied. A coat of undercoat has also been applied, to help show any further imperfections.
Along the line, near Platelayer’s Cottages, we have continued cutting down the scrub and the trees which were growing out of the retaining wall. Although the ground was covered in snow, it was the height of the river which made life more awkward.
The big tree outside the cottage is now decorated and covered in twinkling lights, and the ‘Big W’ has been hung on the front of the cottage. Hopefully more lights will appear next weekend.

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