16th, 17th September 2017

It’s been another wet weekend in our lovely valley. The regular showers, varying between drizzle and torrential, put pay to some of our plans and curtailed others. We were again joined by our re-enactor colleagues; cutting and welding more metal for this year’s display. We put up one of our marquee sheets in the Yard to keep them dry and keep them working (I don’t like people just sitting doing nothing!). You still can’t tell what it is yet, though! On the main frame, the last of the drilling (for new fixings) has been completed.
We have taken delivery of two new poles for the main marquee. These have been ‘roped’ up and had their pulleys fitted, ready for Wartime weekend. Our modified pole for the green marquee has been adjusted and welded where needed. The marquee canvas itself has been on a trip to Pickering, where we have been able to use the sowing machine in the Upholstery repair coach to adjust it to suit the new poles. This change should also make putting up the marquee much safer and easier.
A start has been made on making support frames for our new road signs for use over Wartime Weekend. These should be more robust than the old cardboard ones we have used in previous years.
In between the showers, one of our gardeners has continued pruning and tying back the roses and generally tidying up the gardens. I now need to get some more well rotted manure for him. The weather eased enough for the shed in the Paddock to receive a coat of green paint, as did the rear and side of the Tea Hut. Near the south end loop points further lopping of the scrub has taken place.
Weighbridge Teas have been quiet this weekend, the poor weather keeping people and walkers away.

9th, 10th September 2017

Work began in earnest this weekend on this years ‘secret weapon’ for Le Visham’s Wartime Weekend. A two front approach was adopted with help from our re-enactor colleagues. What is it, we can’t tell you – you’ll have to come and see it!
It was also Family and Junior Weekend so the station was awash with orange! They have helped us by sanding down the rear of the Tea Hut and all the Paddock Hut. They even managed to get a coat of paint on before the weather spoilt itself, again. Elsewhere a separate group continued the manufacture of the side panels for the new fake box van body whilst another group were out lopping scrub along the lineside at the station. Yet another group were wire wheeling one of the base castings for the turntable. Unfortunately the rain came before they could finish it and get a coat of primer on them, but the worst of the job is done. Everyone had a good time and we look forward to seeing them all again shortly.
In the Station Yard we have installed most of the cold water plumbing inside the kitchen shed and fitted edge trims to the doorway. A new delivery of timber poles have been placed under cover and some more roofing laths have been de-nailed and put into store. The pair of marquee poles, made last weekend have been given a further sand down and the metalwork fitted at the tops. One of our long wooden ridge poles has been shortened to suit the green marquee to replace the original poles. The tying back of the roses continues….The Palvan door is now complete and looks like a door, with the repaired frame parts screwed onto the plywood back board. A start has been made on repainting it all.
Weighbridge Teas had a steady weekend although it did get very busy when the Juniors came for drinks!

2nd, 3rd September 2017

It’s been a quieter weekend compared to last. Lots of little jobs have been undertaken, tidying up and sorting bits and pieces. The bushes around the bin compound have been trimmed back, so the gates actually open and close; the scrap has been moved ready for collection this week; one of the NER poster boards has been repainted; the new Palvan door framing has been jointed together; the dock has been tidied up; 2 new main marquee poles for the green marquee have been sourced and planed smooth and the new pulleys for these have been painted; and the Ladies Room door knob has been tightened up! There was even time to go to Goathland to retrieve more ‘goodies’ for re-use at our station.
We had a visit from the Land Rover club with 12 old Land Rovers, of various types, calling in for a short visit. They helped Weighbridge Teas have another excellent weekend of sales, with lots of goodies flying off the counter.

26th-29th August 2017

It’s a delayed blog for the Bank Holiday weekend, due to the works we undertook.
Saturday started with the weekly grass cutting marathon, which included collecting up the previously cut grass on the land opposite the cottage due to the amount of it. This allowed us to set up the large ‘beer’ tent and chairs ready for a BBQ in the evening. It was then time to go back up to mile post 14, to clear out the bottom of the washout hole ready for rebuilding the wall on Sunday.
40 members of the Station Group, friends, and neighbours gathered for a BBQ in the evening, where a wonderful time was had by all. It was worth the whole day it took do the catering to see everyone enjoying themselves.
With a bright day on Sunday it was time to move the tent into the Paddock ready for Hunmanby Village Brass, who were visiting us on Monday. We had been informed Goathland Station Group were having a clear out, so we went to visit and see if any of it was any use to us. Glad to say it was, so we came back on the train with 4 wheelbarrows full! It was then time for an early dinner prior to the main event – the rebuilding of the retaining wall at mile post 14. We had arranged for an overnight possession to allow us to work with the PW Dept and their digger (due to the proximity of the running line to the site, we cannot use the digger when trains run). We set lots of lights up and Peter, the digger driver, could commence lifting the large stones down to the waiting Wombles at the bottom of the wall. It was steady away all evening and into the night. By 1:30 am the wall was just about complete, so a halt was called for the night. A lie in was called for on Monday morning, before it was time to set up the Paddock for the band. They duly performed for our visitors in the afternoon and it was very pleasant to listen too, whilst we pottered around at our workshop coach. Once they finished it was time to take down and put away the tent, leaving a tidy paddock before another early dinner.
It was then time to go back up the line for a second evening/night of work at mile post 14. Pete again joined us, helping to complete this section of wall. We have marked the limit of the repair by using a chaired stone sleeper block at each end. It was then moving onto digging off the overburden/excess ash/stone ballast to lower the land down to the top of the retaining wall. This helped expose the next 2 sections of collapsed wall, which in reality is one big repair; something for later. The excess spoil was moved by dumper further down the line and spread and levelled. A 2am finish this time concluded the works for now. Another lie in was called for, before we returned to site to tidy up after the works.
We must not forget Weighbridge Teas, and the Tea Hut, who were both open all weekend and the Bank Holiday Monday at the Station for our visitors and to support the band. The big task of maintaining the gardens also continues, with the cutting back of the roses now they have finished their wonderful display. It’s a never ending job. Work on the Palvan door continues with the framing now coming together following major repairs to the verticals and replacement horizontal spars.

19th, 20th August 2017

We’ve had another nice weekend weather wise. The grass continues to grow, so the mower and strimmer have been out dealing with it. The pot holes opposite the cottage have been filled with old tarmac pieces, which we’ve had in ‘store’ for a while. Hopefully this will keep the road in good condition for a while longer. Some of the planks on the NER van on the dock were rotten, so they have been slid out and the wood behind prepared to receive ‘new’ ones. The corner post has also seen better days so this has been cut out back to good timber, ready for a new piece to be spliced in. The gardeners have been starting the great rose tidying exercise this weekend. There is still a lot more to do. The vegetable patch has continued to supply us with fruit and several large marrows, some of which are now chutney.
Up the line, at the 14 milepost washout, we have been preparing the site ready for next weekend, when we have possessions on Sunday and Monday nights to get the wall rebuild completed. We will be using the Pway’s digger to lift the heavy stones into place, which is why we need the possession. We have also tested our flood lights, as we will need to get those set up ready as well.
We had a Junior Volunteers working party this weekend carrying out grass cutting and tidying at Newtondale Halt, and working on the new grounded van body under construction for Goathland.
Weighbridge Teas have had another reasonable weekend and are already planning the Wartime catering needs (it’s not that long to go now). They are also getting organised for next Monday’s Hunmanby Villiage Band concert, which will take place in the paddock.

12th, 13th August 2017

Following last weekend’s Shadows event it was time to get the marquee down, tidied up, and put back into store. At the same time the storage shed was given a good sort out ready for Wartime Weekend (it’s coming faster than you think). The grass around the whole Station has been cut, now that the mower is back up and running. It will no doubt need cutting again next weekend as the grass seems to be on a fast grow setting at present. In preparation for Wartime we have been making new traffic signs, and further poster frames for inside the main marquee. The pneumatic wheeled trolley has had its third wheel re-welded as the wheels were not very well made. A new worktop has been prepared and delivered for the Junior Volunteers at Grosmont shed.
It’s been another good weekend in the Weighbridge, with such a demand that many lines sold out! Fingers crossed for next weekend.

5th, 6th August 2017

The sun shone and the bands played. Then the bands finished and the rain came! We have been entertained by the East Yorkshire Guitar Club today, including the Fentone 4, Shadows Music, and Legend, who kept a busy paddock of visitors entertained all afternoon. In support we had a bar (which sold out) and the Tea Hut, now returned to its normal green colour. Weighbridge Teas were also open at the Station entrance to keep all our visitors fed and watered. Another 12 hour day for our catering team by the time they had cleared up, but the excellent income does make it all worthwhile. With the visitors gone, it was time to tidy up again, putting damp covers and sound tents inside the main marquee to allow them to dry out for the week, before they get put away.
During the rest of the weekend there was just time to set up marquee, bar and sound booth; lay out the power cables; cut the paddock (with the small mower as our big one still won’t start despite several hours of trying) and generally prepare the Station for the main event.

24th, 25th, 29th, 30th July 2017

With Elvisham returned to Levisham, we were joined by the Junior Volunteers on Monday. Unfortunately the weather was not kind, but they were able to help tidy some bit and pieces up and make some more frames for the Goathland stores van. Later on in the week they came back and lifted the stage floors and put them back into store. In the Station Yard they gave all the painted wagon turntable parts a coat of black bitumastic. The final picnic bench was delivered to Grosmont; we know it got there safely as it was spotted on the Webcam being manhandled along the platform by the Juniors.
Saturday dawned dry, so it was time to dismantle the Beer Tent and put it all away. The main tent is remaining up, ready for the Shadows music event on Sunday 6th August. Both the Tea Hut and a Bar will be available for our visitors, along with Weighbridge Teas.
Talking of the Tea Hut, this has now returned to its usual green colour following its ‘holiday’ as an American Diner. The NER van body has also received some paint when the new pieces, let in last week, were finished off and bolted firmly into place. The floor has also been refitted, following the fitting of new lower side planks on the inside (the old ones had rotted).
Weighbridge Teas has been bedecked with blue Yorkshire bunting ready for Yorkshire Day. It was a quieter weekend for them after last weekend’s events, they are hoping next weekend will be as busy…..

22nd, 23rd July 2017

Elvisham Station Report
We have travelled back to the swinging sixties this weekend with an American Diner in the paddock and Elvis, yes he is not dead – he just went away for a break, performing in the paddock! In reality Steve Caprice, Elvis impersonator and singer belted out the Elvis hits over both days. He was supported by a display of Elvis Memorabilia including clothing, personal objects, records and letters.
In the paddock the Beer Tent and American Diner kept all the visitors well fed on American hot dogs, sandwiches, popcorn and real ale. Everyone who came seemed to enjoy themselves. Weighbridge Teas were also open and kept busy with visitors and passengers coming off the trains to sample their wares.
Elsewhere, work continued on the van body with the door hinges packed and rehung with more timber fitted to the north east corner post and inside. On the Secret Weapon further development work has taken place. On the CCT, the roof strip has had the paint touched up, smartening the overall look. The temporary staging and scaffolding can now be removed, and the fence given a repaint to freshen it up. The final picnic bench for Grosmont has now been completed and will be delivered there this week. The electrical PAT testers have been with us today, working their way through all our electrical equipment. There are a few more days of testing work left for them before they cover all our gear!

15th, 16th July 2017

Saturday saw us host a High Speed Train (HST) special from Derby to Pickering. In honour of this we brought one of the 125mph speed signs out of retirement, and set it up on the lineside. The crew on board thought this was great and many photos were taken of it.
The marquee and bar tent have been erected ready for the 60’s ‘Elvisham’ event next weekend. The grass had to be cut yet again – it seems to be growing awfully fast at present. Strimming has also been carried out around the station.
The NER van on the dock now sports its top coat, following an undercoat on Saturday; as does the old NER coach end seat. The NER van body has had some more corner brackets refitted, further bolts inserted into other brackets where required and a small area of poor boarding ‘invisibly mended’.
Initial preparation work for this years ‘Secret Weapon’ has begun, with more to come.
The wagon turntable parts now sport black bitumen paint, bringing the installation date ever closer.
Weighbridge Teas had a good weekend and, in between serving all our visitors, have been planning the food orders for next weekend. Both the Tea Hut and Weighbridge Teas will be open, together with the Bar Tent serving beer and cider.

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