Brrr; no snow just blooming cold! The van re-organisation continues. The metalwork shop has had a major sort out. You can get to the bench now, and there is more than 1 square foot of floor to stand in. The paint shop/large ply store now houses all the latter. On the yard side of the van, some temporary ply has been fitted to the doors to hide the poor original underneath. These doors will need rebuilding next year when it’s a bit warmer. In the CCT further racking has been built, allowing more screws, drills, bolts, nails, etc. to be tidied up. Inside the Warehouse exhibition the fitting of signs and pictures continues. A frost heater has been plugged in to keep the worst of the damp off, now the whole building is insulated. The Weighbridge Teas team have been working again in the Learning Centre in Pickering, serving teas, coffees and mince pies to all the Santa visitors before they board the train to see the great man himself.

15th, 16th December 2018

8th, 9th December 2018

It’s been a much better weekend of weather with plenty of sun, albeit a cold breeze, today. The green Palvan doors have been chalked and then further adjusted, planed and chiselled so that they are nearly perfect now. The green has been touched up on the body where further mastic had been applied (over a month ago!) to ensure the weather stayed out. In the CCT, further shelving has been installed and screws and tools loaded onto them. The Warehouse interior works continues, with Perspex fitted over the top ventilators and boxed in. The stable doors at the front have had the hinges bushed, returning the doors back to square. The lower door has also had the bottom edge adjusted and lowered to suit the new floor level (whilst also keeping the draughts out). After nearly a year of use the frame tent on the dock has been dismantled – it is no longer needed as the materials stored under it have now gone into their new homes. The frame has gone back into store, although the sheeting has been disposed of as it had gone brittle and torn. We have a new one in store ready for the next time it is needed. We now have 2 Christmas trees decorated at the Station – Albert, the live tree opposite the signal box, has been decorated complete with orange star on the top. We have collected and brought back to the Station quite a few logs, cut down earlier in the year. These will now be chopped up to keep the signal box fire going (and saving us having to burn coal).

1st, 2nd December 2018

It’s been another wet weekend – the long hot summer seems a long time ago now.

Work has continued fitting out the vans; shelves have been erected, stores tidied and consolidated, and doors eased where they were not closing properly.

In the Warehouse the rest of the ceiling battens have been made and fitted – each one is just slightly different from the others, so it’s a very slow job. The upper ventilation vents have been covered in Perspex in readiness for its new role as an exhibition space.

In front of the cottage, the Christmas tree has been decorated with lights and baubles. The big ‘W’ is once again gracing the front wall of the cottages.

24th, 25th November 2018

Following the shunting on Tuesday, the positioning of the wagons is now slightly different. Consequently, all the stored wood was no longer under cover.  We have therefore taken it all out, and sorted it into size, and then restacked it back under the wagons.  It was a good time to get rid of some poor bits; which have been cut into small pieces ready for the signal box fire.

The vans have been checked following their movement to make sure the stores hadn’t shifted. Fortunately most were OK, and it didn’t take long to tidy up those that were not.  The shock van is now on the dock which has allowed the doors to be adjusted to fit correctly.  The off-side doors have also been treated and are now also a better fit.  Some more tweaking and a coat of paint or two will be required before they are finished.

In the Warehouse, the fake ceiling battens have been cut and fitted on the south slope – a simple sentence hiding a lot of fiddling about.

The tidying up of the gardens continues, as does the completion of the new compost heap containers.

20th November 2018

There was a mixture of emotions at Levisham today as, after a stay here of 45 years, NER coach No. 1111 left the Station for pastures new.

During this time it has been cared for by the Station Group, whilst being used as a store and workshop. Over the years, doors have been rehung (and sometimes changed), roof coverings replaced, panelling renewed, and numerous coats of paint applied.

Retrieving 1111 from its long-term residence was no easy matter, as all the vehicles in front of it had to be carefully shunted clear and then put back. As part of this exercise a careful plan was laid to re-sort the order of the vans, and even get two of them turned at Pickering using the turntable there.

All went well today and the opportunity was taken to photo 1111 next to the Levisham Running In boards and its sister NER coach No. 945.

1111 is now safely stored at Newbridge whilst it waits for a lorry to take it to its new home, and restoration, at Kirkby Stephen.

Thanks must be expressed to Kieran, Sam, and Dave, who came up from Pickering with the diesel to do the shunting and take the vehicles to and from Pickering.

17th, 18th November 2018

We’ve had a glorious weekend with the weather, but it’s certainly getting chilly in the evenings now.

1111 is all ready for its move and the vans in its way have been prepared for their part in the ‘big shunt’ this week.

The underframe of the green palvan has received a coat of black gloss. There is just a bit of touching up to do to complete this stage of the vans restoration.  The 3 mileposts have received further coats of paint, and are getting closer to going back out on site.

North of the Station, where we cut the trees down last winter, we have returned to cut the stumps lower (now the river level has dropped) and drill in lots and lots of stump killer plugs. These will hopefully prevent regrowth and reduce the risk of the retaining wall collapsing.

The stumps and brush cut down have been brought back to the Station and burnt on the fire (yes – it was still live after last being touched last week!).

Now the new compost bins have been completed the compost heap has been relocated to the other end of the garden in the Station Yard, where it will continue to provide compost for the Station gardens by “Wombling” all our plant waste!


10th, 11th November 2018

The weekend has gone up in smoke and flames, with the annual bonfire and fireworks display at the Station. A goodly amount of old timber collected over the last few months, together with a neighbour having a clear out, provided the fuel. A pleasant evening was had by all, sat around the fire (but not too close as it was too hot!).
On Friday and Saturday, we were graced by a selection of Velocipedes (human powered rail vehicles). They made a colourful sight at the Station, before they rode off into the distance. Weighbridge Teas were especially open for them (as well as serving passing visitors).
The East side of the green Palvan has benefitted from an undercoat on the underframe, but the weather prevented a top coat being applied on the Sunday. Both this, and the North Eastern van next to it, have been hand shunted around the yard in readiness for the extraction of 1111 in a weeks-time. In the softwood stores van further shelves have been fitted.
Another mile post has been delivered to us – Number 9. This has been cleaned down and given a couple of coats of primer. The other 2 posts in our care have received 2 coats of white gloss as part of their refurbishment.
The ziggurat has been cleared of old plants and the track items placed to one side. The coal hole has had a good clear out and a re-stack.

3rd, 4th November 2018

It’s been much milder this weekend, although the sun has stayed hidden behind cloud all the time.
The green Palvan has received its second top coat resulting in a much smarter look, whilst both buffer beams now sport black gloss. The underframe on both sides has been wire wheeled clean and given a good coat of metal primer. There was even time to give the west side a coat of grey undercoat as well.
Our ply store has been given a good sort out, putting the multiple sized panels into similar stacks. Damaged and poor sheets have been removed for disposal next weekend. A goodly amount of full lengths have been despatched, by train, to Goathland in the care of their Station Master who turned up out of the forest. These will be used to clad the inside of their new shed, whose erection is progressing well.
The two mileposts have received their second coat of metal primer and two coats of white undercoat over the weekend. 1111 has been decorated on the south end ready for its departure later this month.
Weighbridge Teas had a quiet weekend, giving them time to give the Weighbridge a good tidy up. The park benches from outside the Weighbridge have been taken inside for the winter to protect them.
For those who like the unusual, Levisham is hosting a collection of Velocipedes on Friday and Saturday next weekend. To support them the Weighbridge WILL be open, serving drinks and snacks including bacon butties and pasties!

27th, 28th October 2018

Brrr. We’ve had a touch of the white stuff this weekend, although nothing has settled (unlike elsewhere on the Moors).
Following the clearing out of 1111, it’s been time to refill it! All the spares for both 1111 and 945 (the other coach stored at Levisham) have been removed from our stores wagons and laid out for review. This includes several doors and sections of side framing, recovered from a coach from Sandsend over 20 years ago to provide spares for 1111. A group of LNERCA and NERCG members came here this morning to decide what they wanted and what could be disposed of. All the good stores have been placed into the respective coaches ready for when they leave us this winter.
The clearing of the spares has allowed us to tidy up two of our open wagons and consolidate some of the stores within. A good sweep up of old dead flies, dust, dirt, rust, etc., filled half a wheelie bin with rubbish!
Our softwood storage van has had a really good tidy up, with new shelves fitted to hold long lengths and off cuts, allowing other lengths to be stored vertically underneath them. More shelving will follow. In the CCT the north end doors have had Kingspan insulation fitted, helping to keep the vehicle warmer and keep out the drafts. In the new paint shop van, the paint has been sorted out and all the ephemera tidied up.
Around the Station, the General Room and Weighbridge have been decorated for Halloween. The downpipe drain behind the Booking Office, which was blocked with leaves and mud, has been cleaned out (a rather mucky job!). Nearby, a start has been made clearing the ziggurat garden of woody plants and weeds.
Weighbridge Teas had a quieter weekend compared to last. Its their final opening of the season next weekend so come and give them a really good send off!

20th, 21st October 2018

It’s been a better weekend weather wise, compared to the previous one. The last of the kitchen kit has been put away, which has allowed our marquee to be dropped and tidied away.  We can only do this when the canvas is all dry, otherwise it goes mouldy and rots.  The picnic benches have been moved onto hard standing for their winter storage.  One or two require minor repairs; something to keep a couple of people busy shortly.  We had support from the Junior Volunteers again, who helped transport everything around the Station.

Our ‘new’ Palvan has had a second coat of green undercoat applied, followed by its first coat of Brunswick Green top coat. It’s starting to look quite smart now.  Inside the van work has continued fitting it out as our new paint store.

Elsewhere 1111, the NER old coach, is now virtually stripped of our materials and tools following a concerted effort today. This does give us the challenge of finding somewhere to put it all!  To help us in the short term we have re-erected the tent on the dock, following its use as the kitchen tent last weekend.  Our younger volunteers did a lot of the emptying and did very well getting the huge workbench out on their own.

Work on clearing the gardens of this year’s growth continues and the vegetable patch has been stripped of old growth, dug over and prepared for the winter.

Weighbridge Teas were back to usual and were kept busy with customers. In between serving the visitors they were able to clean out and ‘winterise’ the Tea Hut, as it’s not needed now until next year.