Level Crossing

Our level crossing surface is now life expired and requires replacement. The track underneath also needs an overhaul to keep it good for many more years. To make maintenance easier we want to replace the tarmac and ash with a modern rubber level crossing deck. To that extent we have found some good quality second hand panels at a site in Norfolk which we hope to get delivered shortly. We also need to work with the S&T to adjust the height of the manhole covers to give us a true level crossing rather than the up and down one we currently have. We will also provide a new under track crossing and cross drain just north of the crossing and a new under road crossing as part of the scheme. Some of this work we can do whilst trains run whilst other works will have to wait until train services finish over the 2011/2012 winter.

Latest News
Wombles laying track in Northdale 14Jan17The gang lay track in Northdale 13Jan17Martyn drills fishplate holes whilst other install Fastclips in Northdale 13Jan17Stephen, Kevin and Elaine clear the platforms of snow ready for the trains 29Dec17

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