North and South end sidings

Eagle eyed visitors to the station will have noticed 2 new sidings appearing over the last year, one at each end of the station. Both have different functions. The north end siding is to be used for the stabling of shuttle trains allowing the through services to pass without delay. The south end siding is to allow the camping coach to be extracted and sent to Pickering for repair and overhaul when required. This siding is accessed from the goods yard and the point work will be operated with hand levers. A NER stop block (not a full buffer stop) is to be fitted at the end of the siding as was seen at many country stations, including Levisham.

The north end siding, due to its proximity to the level crossing is connected directly to the signal box and new signals allow access into it. This additional signalling has been tied into the existing interlocking controls, track circuits and level crossing control equipment. The siding is currently being extended (already!).

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