Rolling Stock

The wagons based at Levisham portray a typical selection of wagons found in many country stations. These here are also used as workshops and stores.

The open wagons show how different companies provided for General Merchandise traffic, goods either being carried in the open or sheeted down under tarpaulins as shown.

The covered wagons show how they developed from an all-timber slow speed vehicle of the turn of the century, through the development of the nationwide standard designs incorporating steel underframes and ends and fitted with the automatic continuous vacuum brake, to the final development of the short wheelbase vehicle with a maximum speed of 75mph, automatic continuous air brakes and improved springing.

The type of door design also changed to reflect the size and method of loading goods. Early designs had small doors with a drop down facility to allow loading of small packages by hand or sack barrow then to today’s large sliding door vehicles to cater for loading of palletised goods using fork lift trucks.

The wagons are cared for by Farwath Area Rollingstock Team who specialise in the Complete Restoration And Preservation of all Second Hand Industrial Trucks.

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