Renewal of level crossing

The P-way department had delivered us a wagon full of ash from Pickering during the week. Time was spent pushing the wagon further up the north end siding before dropping the side doors and shovelling out the contents (about 20 tons).

After getting in practice a fortnight ago in Pickering, it was back to digging at Levisham. As part of the works towards renewing the level crossing, new cable ducts were required for the S&T cables across the road so we were back in our element. Most of the excavation went fairly straightforward but several sections required old concrete or large stones breaking out. With the trench dug, 2nr 4” and 2nr 2” ducts, complete with draw wires, were installed, surrounded by sand and covered with concrete before warning marker tape was laid on top. New personnel access chambers are required at each end and the bases have been laid. Guess what we are doing next weekend?! With the short daylight hours, flood lighting was required both days to complete the works. The loco crews did ask whether we had a home to go to as it was dark!

Weighbridge teas had a good weekend with a steady flow of passing visitors sampling their wares.

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