New booklet in the works

Guess what, its snowing again! Another two days clearing platforms and freeing up signals. The road to the station is impassable at present so we had to walk in from Levisham village on the Friday night. The road to the station is covered in ice so we spent time on Saturday morning putting the stream back in its ditch and chipping off the ice where we could. The temperature got up to minus 4 on Saturday and ‘peaked’ at minus 11 overnight!
With the poor weather we have made further inroads into tidying the workshop coach and even fitted the final bit of skirting board in the front bedroom in the cottage. Our weighbridge team have deserted us for the comfort of the Santa trains, hopefully they will return between Christmas and the New Year as we are getting thirsty.
We have been working hard on our new booklet on Grosmont to Whitby with a visit to the railways archives to look at old plans and maps. We plan to have a visit to the area during Christmas to see what remains.
Can I finish off by saying I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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