Sad news

We must start this blog with the sad news that our Creator, Elizabeth Beresford passed away on Christmas Eve. Naturally we are all devastated but no flowers please but we will accept cash donations!
It’s been another day of snow clearing – ice off the platforms and level crossing and generally around the points which now work! Elsewhere the snow is thawing nicely and we have had a burst at a stop tap, now fixed after a dig around to find another manhole in the snow – a lot easier said than done, especially in the dark! The glazed roof over the Gents has been cracked due to the weight of snow on it which is now removed.
We have been finally relieved by the Weighbridge Teas team and had our daytime thirst slaked. Don’t forget they are also open for you as well. Come and visit them I’m sure they will be pleased to see you.

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