23rd January 2011

Well it’s been a steady away weekend with further work repairing the end doors on the CCT using new planks and replacement frame sections- Michael being the main man on this.  All the metalwork has been cut off, cleaned down and primed as well.  The small fence next to the level crossing and signalbox has been reinstated by Stephen and Chris.  Some further ash has been laid on the level crossing to reinstate the temporary surface.

The old North Eastern coach end, which has been stored in our yard for many years, is going to get a new lease of life in the picnic site at Pickering.  To that end it has been moved onto the platform so we can undertake some minor repairs to it before sending it down by train to take up its new role as an unusual seat.  This coach end originally had third class seating comprising plain timber planks so it is easy to reinstate this.

We have had 3 sets of visitors today, the first was Tony 2 who had come to revarnish the exhibition frames; Malcolm and Doreen who came to inspect the new cart shed and see young Alex; and finally Dave and Sue who had come to confirm the artwork for our new booklet on Grosmont to Whitby.

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