9th January 2011

Well the snow is still here but we carry on. The PWay Dept kindly placed the CCT alongside the platform for us so we can continue the renewal of the south east corner which is currently missing. The end door has been re-hung and adjusted to suit the new corner post we fitted several months ago.
Elsewhere the Coke Huts have had their locks and bolts adjusted to suit the new layout plus posi-drive screws have been replaced with slots where they are now exposed. The new wall lights for the cottages have now arrived and are awaiting modification to suit our electric oil lamp vessels.
The S&T turned up on Saturday to adjust the HD Link equipment in the location case and upon testing with Newbridge appeared to work satisfactory.
Several old gas lights, recovered from Pickering station many years ago, have been delivered back to Pickering for modification and probable use under the new canopy in the picnic site behind platform 2.

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