27th March 2011

En guarde!  We’ve been fencing this weekend.  We have replaced a further 20 posts and associated rails this weekend alongside the north west side of the line.  This doesn’t sound like a lot but each post is 3’ in the ground which does take a reasonable amount of time, particularly when they have to be exactly 6’ apart.

On the North Eastern coach end Michael, Brian and Paul have fitted a new roof (not as easy as it sounds), together with repairs to the floor and the construction of a new timber seat.  As the roof curves in two dimensions, bending and holding it in place is a lot easier said than done.

We have taken delivery of a new, taller, scaffold tower.  This will be used to replace the gutter boards on the rear of our cottage and to assist in renewing the roof of the NER van as the roof material has failed.

The Forestry Commission’s contractors have taken down some more trees through the ‘slot’ in the trees to our outer home signal.  When they have finished with the timber we will have to go back in and burn the scrub and branches, guess what we are doing next weekend?!

Weighbridge Teas are now fully open for business every weekend from 10am until 6pm.  There are new sales items on the cart and we have a new tea supplier – Mad Hatter teas.  Come and try their new wares.

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