6th March 2011

A weekend of 2 major activities.  First up was the completion, for this session, of the CCT.  The new side panel has had the window beading fitted, painted and the rain covers fitted.  The whole of the side has had another top coat applied.  Inside, the south end doors and panel have had their top coat applied by Lesley whilst the north end door roof fixings have been repaired and then the doors adjusted so they fit neatly thanks for Michael and Malcolm – which they do!  New plastic weather strips have been fixed to the far end and east side to throw off the water and stop it running into the van.  The van is now ready to be returned to its siding as the trains start passing here from next weekend onwards until next January.

The second activity was the cutting down of a large amount of scrub near the northernmost signal.  A large amount of blackthorn and hawthorn, which had been obstructing the view of trains by the signalman, has been cut down.  This will need burning next weekend to leave the lineside clean and tidy.  The ‘slot’ through the trees has also been cleaned of scrub and some offending branches have been removed from the remaining trees thanks to the loan of the PWay Depts long chainsaw on an extending pole.

Elsewhere, Tony 2 has completed another small noticeboard for possible use on our warehouse.  He only has another single and a double to complete for Goathland!  The vegetable patch fence has had another coat of preservative applied – now its all the same colour!

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