24th April 2011

Happy Wombling Easter! It’s all go this weekend, with work progressing everywhere around the station. We have been burning the scrub which has been drying out in our neighbour’s field for quite a while. We have continued removing the timber felled by the contractors in the ‘slot’ to the outer home signal. We have been helped in this by another of our neighbours, who has dragged the trunks out of the forest with his tractor so they can be cut up safely.
On the painting side, the NER coach end has had a further sand down and another coat of undercoat. 1111 (the workshop coach) has been sanded down, primed, undercoated and part top coated on the station yard side.
The lowmac wagon has had its west side finally cleaned off, under- and top coated.
The new fencing alterations at the CCT doorway are now complete and include a removable section of fence for when the van is absent. Work is underway on a new doorway to lock the marquee side poles away from temptation.
The PAT testers have been down to check all our electrical equipment, most of which passed although one or two items required a little repair, now well underway. We have also had a visit from the Junior Volunteers who came for a quick look to see the station and view some of the work they may well be doing this summer.
Weighbridge Teas have had a very good weekend with sandwiches, cakes and ice creams selling like the proverbial hot cakes – which were also on sale!

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