3rd April 2011

Saturday was new volunteer day when the railway opened its doors to prospective volunteers.  Several were encouraged off the train at Levisham and they never escaped!  All being well we should have 4 or 5 new starters with us, fingers crossed.

We have continued sorting out the brush and scrub, burning some on site but we had to stop as the wind was too strong – we didn’t want to burn the whole forest!

To aid access into the CCT we have commenced making a side platform so we can  use one of the side doors.  We have replaced the deck and back support on our scaffold tower as the wood was getting ‘tired’ and the back of our cottage has finally got its gutter board and gutter refixed following its removal by the snow in January.

Our stores area in the yard has been prepared ready to receive our new gardening shed.  This will house trowels, seed etc and replaces the one unit which now houses the coke machine.

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