15th May 2011

Sunshine and light showers was the order of the day this weekend. On Saturday we were graced with the railway’s Junior Volunteers, who came for a dose of real work with us – who says you can’t use child labour? They helped us by painting the station side of our workshop coach, now sporting its ‘new’ NER livery – any volunteers to apply the lining!?! Down the lineside they cut down some light scrub and brought it back to our burning pile, whilst north of the station the logs we had cut were collected together and stacked on the lineside to dry before collection. They also gathered up the pine branches and moved them into the open ready for burning at a later date. On our helicopter landing pad they have improved a land drain ditch and laid in a new land drain ready for backfilling with drainage material. Overall they all seemed to enjoy themselves and we look forward to their help again.
Brian has completed his gates alongside the paddock hut to keep the chairs and marquee poles out of the way. Stephen has continued his work on the reorganisation of our workshop stores. Mike has built us a new flat pack barrel rack, capable of holding 6 barrels, ready for 60’s weekend by welding scaffold poles together to make a sturdy frame. The NER coach end now has its mouldings fitted after much adjustment. We have been informed that the coach was originally a 4 wheel coach built around 1880. We don’t know the number yet but give it time….Geoff brought a replacement engine for our flail mower and he and Malcolm spent the weekend fitting and adjusting with helpful (or otherwise!) advice from anyone passing by.
After the gala crowds, the Weighbridge was a bit quieter this weekend although a new supplier of sweets and treats in being tested.
Some of the Wombles will be on their annual holiday next weekend, not on the canals but in Porthmadog, checking out a few of the Welsh lines, for quality control purposes.

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  • Hello Simon

    Its time for a recent pix of Beth and the’ Little Womble ‘ please.

    Just luv the blog and its aim of keeping us up to date with whats happening.

    Helicopter pad…obviously for emergencies but do you get that many !!!I thought all your volunteers were craftsmen ( they seem to be ) or is it for the Moors. Any problems with Moors fires this year ?

    Donations, I know you can always use but what apart from Picnic Tables and Hazel fence are you looking for !! If you need another Picnic Table I could have my own family name put on. How about I buy a Chris Ware print and we raffle it “?

    Enjoy your trip to Wales, I cant spell Porthmadog.

    My thanks to all at Levisham, Peter


    • simon:

      Peter, well it’s time to reply. Why not a helicopter pad, we had an aeroplane on it last autumn!? It’s not that we have a lot of accidents, we don’t but it was an unusal event anyhow.
      Fires have been fortunately few and far between this year and hopefully we are past the worst now, assuming we don’t get a scorcher of a dry summer!?
      We all have a great time in Wales visiting many railways and learning some new tips to bring back to the Moors. Mind you its been all go since then with the 60’s event and now Vintage Vehicles this year.
      With regards to further sponsorship opportunities there are still the picnic tables, a flag pole and the new lamp on the front of the cottage. We don’t believe that the print idea would work at present Picnic tables are available at £150 including the plaque, the flag pole is a bargain at £80 whereas the cottage light is £350.
      Alex is growing well and crawling everywhere, it’s only a matter of time before he starts to walk and talk. I will send a couple of pics separately. He has now been on 40 different steam loco footplates and is completely bomb proof as far as they go with their steam and whistles.
      CHeers, SImon, Beth and Alex.

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