26th June 2011

Cor what a scorcher! Blimey its hot. Its no fun shovel packing a siding in this heat but we got it done and it now looks a lot better. The trouble is once its done, it looks just right but you can’t tell where we’ve been.
The felt roof on the shed at the bottom of the yard has started to crack so, before it gives us trouble and damages the timber underneath, another layer of felt has been added. The roofing felt adhesive (black sticky stuff!) goes on much better in the warmth and, with the fixing nails going through it, it should remain water tight for a few more years.
Sheep have been a problem again of late, escaping from the fields alongside the line and nibbling the grass on our lineside. We have checked our fencing, repairing sections where necessary. This has stopped most of the problems but there still has been a persistent lamb and ewe who don’t seem to understand the rules about trespassing on the railway. As they are now black rather then white it looks like they have been sheltering under the DMU! We have finally caught them and handed them over to the farmer, helping him to load them onto his vehicle to take them away to a securely fenced field. The only thing is, I’m not sure about the lifting techniques used by Stephen and Michael!?
The yard entrance area is undergoing a further tidy up with the mix of stones, concrete markers and old concrete gate posts that edge the garden being replaced with proper kerbs. Unfortunately the gate posts are rather big so a day was spent breaking them up into manageable pieces, with the old reinforcement going into store for re-use in the base of our new crane. Luc has returned to continue replacing the finials on the platform lamps, soldering the new copper ones into place.
Weighbridge Teas had a busy weekend with ice creams going like hot cakes. Do you have a good quality fridge going spare? One of theirs is starting to give up, albeit it only holds cans. If you do, they would be delighted to hear from you. Contact me via the website or call me on 07764 390689.
We acquired a two pump beer engine a few years ago but had not brought it into use. We have now purchased two new pump cylinders to return it to working order so Michael spent a day mounting the unit onto our bar. It only needs a little bit of finishing off then it can return to service-so come to Levisham by train on Vintage Vehicle Weekend on July 9/10th and check out its operation and the resulting refreshing beverage!!

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