18th September 2011

The Wombles have been ‘On The Job’ again – at Pickering.  This time it was erecting the six spandrel brackets on the three platform canopy columns behind platform 2.  The work was straightforward and made easier by the use of Pickering Station Groups scaffolding (which saved us taking our own down there), plus lifting muscle by the volunteer S&T gang who happened to be working nearby.  Thanks to both.

The cottage garden has had its stone edging replaced – the original was used elsewhere, and the area given a good weed.  Inside, the front room floor has been cleaned, sanded, cleaned and re-varnished to keep it looking spick and span.  David has continued his major task of sorting out the platform gardens, getting the weeds out, thinning some of the large plants and wrestling with the roses.  The flail has also been out for a spin, tackling some of the greenery alongside the north end lineside fence and near the cottage parking area.  A trip up to the siding also recovered some ash ballast to top up that on the level crossing.  There seemed like a lot on the pway trolley but it looks like at least another load is required.

This weekend was also Diesel Gala with a mixed variety of classic diesels working all trains.  There was even a shuttle service on the Friday and Sunday utilising the DMU and a class 73 loco.  It was noticeable that Weighbridge Teas did excellently on both days but had a quiet Saturday when no shuttle trains ran.

Next weekend it is back out with the marquees again ready for the Steam Gala weekend when the Mardi Gras Jazz Band and Hunmanby Silver Band will be playing the Paddock on Saturday and Sunday respectively.  There is also the Real Ale Tent to quench the thirst.  See you there!

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