4th September 2011

Blimey, the paddock is finally empty following the putting away of the stage and chairs and dismantling of the marquee.  It will all come back again in a fortnight ready for Gala Weekend though.  Whilst the marquee was being folded up and filed I was off to Pickering for a Special Events planning meeting for 2012.  The ‘standard’ events are all on again next year, albeit without the August events which have been poorly attended over the last few years.  Dates will be published later this year and will be in the 2012 timetable.

Following on from all this, our 4 long marquee side poles have been painted, the other standard length ones will follow. The longer poles are used to raise the roof of the marquee a bit higher along the front edge and actually allow people to see the bands! 

Further shelving for the Warehouse has been cleaned down and painted, ready for erection next weekend. 

 We have unloaded the Marishes Road signal box and examined it so we are ready to adjust it for its new use at Pickering.  We had help from one of our firemen, Beth Peppercorn, who had a spare couple of hours available and asked could we find her anything to do – silly question!  The rotten timber sections were cut off, together with any poor planks and these have now been disposed of.  A passing loco crew did complain to Beth that she was making too much smoke though.  The good panels are now stacked on the line side ready for alteration.

The platform garden beds on the Down platform have had a further serious weeding and the roses have been brought back under control.  Beth (Barraclough) has been steadily restoring a travel trunk to hold most of Alex’s toys rather than a scruffy plastic box.

Finally we have done a bit more work on the secret project for Wartime Weekend, but I still can’t tell you what it is!

On a different note, we have been having some trouble with the ‘join us’ section of the website, so if you have tried and got no reply, please try again as hopefully these problems have now been sorted out!

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