30th October 2011

Another sunny weekend! Its been a weekend of two big jobs: ash spreading and fencing.
We had two wagons of ash to unload, one we had to push towards the level crossing to unload where it was needed whilst the other wagon we had to push, very, very slowly, uphill to the far end of the siding. If you have never tried moving a 25T wagon overflowing with wet heavy ash then this is just for you. However once we had it in place then unloading it was easy, just stand on top and push it off.
The other task was the continued renewal of the lineside fencing. We managed 27 posts and associated rails over the weekend, replacing over 160 feet of rotten old fence. This doesn’t sound a lot but each post requires a 3’ deep hole. The west side is nearly complete now and then it will be time to deal with the east side. We had a new Womble with us, who has now had his baptism of fire! As a member of our Armed Forces he thinks maybe working in Helmand is easier than with us!
Elsewhere there was still more tidying up of the storage vans following the Wartime Weekend and display shelf making for the Weighbridge.
Weighbridge Teas were open all weekend and had a steady flow of visitors wanting hot drinks and cakes. They are still open every weekend from 10am until 4pm during November.

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