13th November 2011

We’ve had another weekend of fencing, this time on the East side of the line replacing the section we dismantled last weekend. We have also repaired 3 line side gates and rehung 2 of them. It was at this point we came across water, just lying here, there and everywhere. Several wet pairs of feet later a few drainage cuts had been dug allowing the worst to trickle away. The land drains we dug last week have now had their slotted pipes installed and been backfilled with free draining material.
Elsewhere, thanks to the PWay dept shunting around their wagons, we have been able to unload the second wagon of ash ready for lifting and packing the far end of the north siding.
The ladies toilets have needed further repairs, specifically their seats where rusty holding down bolts and splits in the timber have been repaired. Not a glamourous job but it still needs doing.
Our French signs for Wartime Weekend have now had their edges touched up and are now in store ready for next year.
If last year is anything to go by, it only 2 weeks until the snow!

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