27th November 2011

Amazing! No snow yet! This time last year (and in 2008) we were buried under 6” of snow.
We have taken delivery of a new double glazed pair of sash windows for the front bedroom of the cottage. These will help keep the heat in and the cold out. As usual they come unpainted so some of this weekend has been spent applying several coats of paint to both sides. Its a lot easier painting them on the ground than up in the air! With very few passengers around our winter ‘paintshop’ was used as it’s lovely and warm in there, allowing the paint to dry easily.
First up Saturday morning was loading an assortment of pine branches onto the first DMU train to Grosmont. These had been requested to help decorate the marquee there ready for the Santa Special visitors from next weekend. The loading brought much merriment to the train staff, particularly when we told them all the branches were numbered so they could re-build them as a proper tree at the far end!
The Pway Dept have installed the new steel pipe bridge south of the station. We have adjusted it slightly so it sits in the main flow channel. All we need now is a load of material to backfill around the pipe. Hopefully this will be delivered by rail this winter allowing us to top it off and re-install the fences each side. Following our inspection, another accommodation bridge north of the station will also need a new deck this winter. Again we will work with the Pway Dept to undertake the job. The steel field gate at this location was suffering from major rot; the bottom two rails were missing, the bottom hinge was no longer in place, a mid bar was part rotted through and the hinge post had rotted at the bottom. Fortunately Geoff is good at welding so we brought the gate back to the station and off he went. By the end of the day it had all been repaired with recycled steel gas pipe we had around the station and it was ready for a repaint. This happened on Sunday after a clean down to remove rust and scale. It is now in primer awaiting further coats over the coming weekend.
We have made a new lean to structure alongside the storage shed at the bottom of the yard. This will help keep more of our stores under cover and secure. All the materials used – uprights, rafters and covering, were second hand in the best Wombling traditions! Further work is required to make a side and a door. You will not see any of this though as it is already behind a screen fence, but we will know its there!
It was a reasonably quiet weekend for Weighbridge Teas on their last weekend of opening before Christmas. Looks like we will have to make our own tea for a while! Don’t worry though, they re-open on the 27th to the 30th December, inclusive, ready to welcome everyone out for some exercise after the Christmas Dinner excesses.

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