6th November 2011

Well this weekend went with a bang! First up was the dismantling of an old, partially collapsed, timber accommodation bridge south of the station. This bridge was built to allow farmers to cross the lineside ditch when moving between fields on opposite sides of the railway. It is being replaced with a steel pipe bridge later this winter. The existing bridge was made of large timber bearers (one of which had collapsed) which supported a timber cross deck that was then topped with railway sleepers. Half the top deck was well beyond its use by date. It all came apart very easily and was taken back to the station for disposal.
The old rotten fencing we had collected last week, the ‘decoration’ from the marquee at wartime weekend and the old bridge made an excellent bonfire on Saturday night. A selection of fireworks finished off the evening and all that was left was a small pile of ash and a few unburnt post ends. These were stoked up and added to over the Sunday including the next section of rotten fence on the East side north of the level crossing. This should be replaced in new in the following weeks, hopefully keeping the sheep off our railway, unlike the original.
The last 6’ section of the West side fence has been completed up to the main gate post and a replacement, second hand, gate brought to the station for minor repair before replacing the broken one there.
We have borrowed the Carriage and Wagon Van this weekend, and have used it for various purposes, including delivering our concrete mixer and a couple of wheel barrows to Pickering for S&T use. On Sunday we drove to Leeds to collect a new tall fridge and freezer for the Tea Hut, donated by friends who no longer needed it. We also used the van to move other materials around, making the most use of it.
Don’t forget Weighbridge Teas are still open every weekend from 10am until 4pm for warming drinks and snacks when you come to see the autumnal colours in the valley.

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