11th December 2011

A weekend of weather contrasts from a blooming (minus 8 degrees) cold day on Saturday to a warm (relatively) wet Sunday. We have fitted the new double glazed windows to the 2 bedrooms upstairs on the original cottage building and boy what a difference they make – the rooms are warm! Fortunately we didn’t have to change the box units so it was only the sliding sashes themselves.
The ‘new’ door is now correctly hung on the lean to and a new mortice lock fitted. The scaffolding is now safely stored therein hung on multiple brackets to keep it all neat and tidy. An identical mortice lock has also been fitted to the P-Way hut itself to minimise the number of different keys in use. The old hasp and padlock have both already been redeployed for continued service elsewhere.
Elsewhere a new PIR movement sensor has been added to the north end huts so it doesn’t go dark when we are working directly outside it. Michael has made a new gate hinge to the lineside gate nearby as well. This is a non standard design, offset to suit the location.
The Warehouse now has a new lockable cupboard ready for some more stores to be moved around as part of Storeman Steve’s ongoing major re-organisation (will it ever end?).

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