4th December 2011

It’s Santa time! Our railway’s Santa Specials are now at ‘Full Steam’. There are still some tickets available so ring Customer Services at Pickering (01751 472508) to check availability. At our station the Merry Christmas lamp signs are now fitted together with the Big W Christmas light on the front of the cottage.
Here work has continued on our new ‘lean to’ with the side made out of second hand fence rails retrieved off the bonfire pile and a “new” door fitted – well, its only 75 years old! We have also run in the new lighting so we can see what we are doing in there when it’s dark.
Further work has been done on the East side fence, well, more drainage cuts have been dug so we can install the fence on dry ground rather that under 6” of water! Storeman Steve has done some further work on the cupboard in the warehouse whilst Brian has been applying a second coat of paint to the lineside fence we repaired last weekend.
Weighbridge Teas are closed until the 27th December and a minor disaster occurred on Saturday morning when the loco crew off the first train came over, gagging for a Bovril’ and were gutted when they saw the Weighbridge was closed! The reason is that our staff are working on the Pickering Santa in the buffet so even they don’t get a rest! The S&T were also disappointed when they came on Sunday and found the same problem and had to decamp to Pickering for sustenance.

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