15th January 2012

Brrrr! Its cold down here. Saturday was bright and sunny but it did start at -8ºC and finish at -7ºC. Saturday night peaked at -10ºC but it was a balmy -6ºC this morning. Saying that, it did warm up later, driving off the frost before it returned this evening. As we write this it is back to -5ºC.
This weekend we have been working on the level crossing. Work began by digging out the compacted ash and stone from the cess (road) side of each corner to allow us to set up the formwork for the new edge beams to be cast in concrete. At the same time the first 2 of the many cross track cables have been recovered back through the old tight duct into the new duct route, keeping them clear of the tamper in the future. We now have flood lights set up around the crossing allowing us to continue when the daylight fails. The cynical also said I could set up 24 hour shift working! (Good grief NO-the rest of the staff!)
Sunday was more of the same. The west side cess has now been excavated right across the road, the void being filled with temporary timber sleepers for the week. We also managed to pour the concrete into the new beam positions as it actually warmed up during the middle of the day.
Up the line the Pway Dept have continued relaying the main line from the bracket signal up to the outer home. Again for them the frost doesn’t help matters but they hope to get the works completed (bar the tamping) by the middle of this week.

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