22nd January 2012

Well we have been blown from here to there this weekend but at least the weather was mostly dry, and warmer than last week. We have continued work on the level crossing. The concrete edge beams across the road are now cast, as are the remainder of the footpath sections. Some of last weeks Crete didn’t survive the frost so we repaired that as well. The new chambers for the undertrack crossing have had the cable outlets cut ready for installation. All the existing buried concrete troughing has been uncovered and the lids carefully lifted to expose the cabling. We have collected half of the crossing’s timber deck and begun pre-building some of the sections so we can quickly install them when the concrete has set. As last weekend the floodlights came into their own once the sun went down.
The S&T were here on Sunday for two separate jobs. Part of the team were here to test the HD signalling link, with help from John Bailey and John Bruce here and Ivan Noble and Norman Hugill at Newbridge. Apparently the test went well, once they had sorted out the ‘limp wristed’ operators at Levisham! The rest of the gang were here to start the cable disconnections to allow us to take the rails out next weekend. It’s a surprisingly slow process when you have to do it carefully and recover all the parts for refitting.
New lineside fencing had also been collected during the week and is now laid out on site ready for fixing next week. The undergrowth has been strimmed as well, so we can see where we are working.

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