19th February 2012

Yet again it’s been another below freezing finish, -5ºC tonight, and the trains have stopped even if only for a fortnight! We can get on again without interruption!? All the signals we disconnected are back together. The S&T have been busy reconnecting track circuit cables and continuity bonds. It’s surprising how many holes need to be drilled in the rails to get all this fitted. The sleeper bays have been topped up with ballast and the line marked up ready for the tamper to come and do its stuff this Wednesday. All the cross track semaphore signal wires have been carefully clipped to the sleepers, putting them out of the way of the tamping tines. The duct route to the north end drivers flasher has been backfilled and the lineside there tidied up. The lineside fence we removed to install the turning chamber on the other side of the track is now back in and the area levelled. A top layer of loco ash, when we get some from Pickering, is required to return it to original condition.
We have been using the road stone recovered from the level crossing to fill the potholes in the unmetalled road near the cottage and top up the level where dips had been forming. Further stone has also gone into the station yard to fill land where there was a dip coming off the tarmac. We were helped in all this digging by Beth Peppercorn and Mathew Fisher from the MPD, who are experts with shovels! Thanks very much, all help is appreciated. They also assisted us in collecting scrap rail from the station south yard, load it onto a PWay trolley and move it up to the station ready for collection by the Pway team.
Elsewhere, Malcolm and Tony have been painting the bench sections in the General Room and one of the 12’ benches is now back out and ready for use. They have started applying the teak oil to the park benches, again to make them ready for the new season.
The Weighbridge was open to serve our visitors (and the staff!) and they now get their last weekend off next week before the trains are back full time for the season.

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