26th February 2012

Its been yet another long weekend with 10 hour days, but at least it was mainly dry and warm. All the crossing area used by road traffic has been further strengthened, to cope with lorries nd prevent splitting of the deck. At the last minute it was discovered that we had been issued with the wrong replacement checkrail chairs so we had to change them – all 12 that we fitted only 3 weeks ago! Unfortunately the screw down holes are in a slightly different place (of course) so they all had to be drilled again after the sleepers had been moved slightly – all 48 of them! The Pway Dept had delivered a further pair of running rails during the week which we changed for more worn examples next to the crossing. This has allowed the S&T to finally reinstate their last cables and sign the station back into use.
Further level crossing spoil has been removed to fill in potholes and improve the driving surface in the yard.

After a bit of head scratching we worked out how to heat the check rails so we could use the ‘Jim Crow’ to bend them to the correct angle. Once we had the fire going the operation went well. All that was then left to do was crop the rails to the correct length and fit them.
With all 4 check rails installed we could reinstate the deck panels and tidy the site up ready for next weekend. The last shed door was locked at 7.30 this evening!

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