4th February 2012

Help get me out of here, I’m a snowman! Blimey its been cold today. We started at -8ºC and it didn’t seem to get much better during the morning, particularly when a bitter wind added to our misery. Everything is frozen solid down to 6” deep making digging virtually impossible. Even the mini digger took umbrage and refused to start until Edward fetched his test meter and Mark threatened it with a set of jump leads.
The new (to us) check rails for the crossing have now been brought up to the station and one has been trial installed to ensure it fits – and it does! Following the cold this morning it then started to warm up a bit before the snow started at 2.30 this afternoon, and it was still falling at 6.30 when we called it a day. A couple of inches of snow now covers everything, but it doesn’t stop us Wombles! The new duct trench, to the north end level crossing white light, was dug whilst a new trough route from our new UTX to the level crossing barrier and road lights were installed. We helped the S&T run in the new cabling to the latter in the new route, ready for them to connect it up. David’s team were working well in the morning but with the coming of the snow they all left quickly before they got stuck here.

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