17/18th March 2012

A weekend of other work rather than just the level crossing! Saying that, work has continued on the crossing with Mike fitting slim line timber covers to hide the track clips. At the same time the panels in the 4’ have been packed up slightly to make them level with the rails. The timber store around the picnic benches has been tidied up and this area handed back to our visitors.
Mark and Simon have returned to working on the fence replacement north east of the station with another 16 posts fitted. It is still rather wet over there but at least the clay comes out of the post holes fairly easily. All the fence has now had its full complement of rails fitted and very smart it looks too. A gap has been deliberately left at present to allow access for persons and materials as the newly widened ditch is too big to cross further up the line.
Brian and Stephen have fitted the guttering to the new lean to shed. This has allowed all the road works signs and kit to be correctly stored in their new place. The area around the camping coach is now clear and ready for our visitors coming to enjoy their holiday here.
The platform benches we have been repairing have benefitted from a final sand and a prime. One, which wasn’t too bad, has had its second top coat and is nearly ready to go back out. This will allow another one to come inside for repair and repaint. Stephen has continued in the workshop fitting new shelves for some of our tools, helping to tidy up the coach.
As part of our interdepartmental co-operation we have helped the S&T team by repairing their rail drill, the drive structure of which broke yesterday. Mike was able to weld it back together first thing this morning and it was back in use at Pickering by 10am.

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