24th/25th March 2012

Another hot and sunny weekend has allowed us to progress some jobs which have been waiting for appropriate weather. We have completed one of the 12’ platform benches and this is now back on the down platform and looking very smart. This allowed the other tatty one on the same side to be brought over to the CCT for dealing with. This latest seat has needed a full strip down of all its paint as a lot of the timber underneath is wet. This will require a few weeks of warm weather to dry out before we can think about applying some new paint. We have sanded and double undercoated the other pair still in the CCT
Elsewhere, all the fence material are laid out ready for installation north of the station and some further rotten fence has been recovered and disposed of on a handy bonfire we had going. The guttering on our lean to shed has had a coat of paint to smarten it up. Some of our rusty scaffold clamps have benefitted from a freeing up of the nuts. We have also tidied up some of the paddock hut ready to receive a new midi-marquee which has been donated to us, touched up the paint on the NER coach end, revarnished the Le Visham cover boards and painted 4 small old road cones yellow for use as No Waiting cones.
Meanwhile Weighbridge Teas had a busy couple of days with ice cream selling particularly well.
Beth has re-arranged the ticket racks and moved most of the tickets (except the Dog tickets!) to a new position in the rack in order to make finding them, and therefore serving the passengers, a lot easier. This has also required re-writing the ticket book to make booking up at the end of the day quicker and easier.

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