4th March 2012

Blimey its been wet. First off today we were soaked, then we were covered in white stuff before going back to rain. The trains are now back, with loco hauled stock going towards Goathland whilst the DMU shuttled to and from Pickering and people changed trains here with us. This is due to the bridge works at Pickering Station.
Work has continued around the crossing with all the spoil finally being disposed of and the road tidied up. The deck has been further extended northwards towards its final layout. All the old trespass guards have been dismantled and the majority de-nailed ready for rebuilding in their new locations. The signalman’s walkway has been reinstated, then lifted and packed to suit the new track position following tamping.
The General Room has been tidied up, cleaned and washed following its use as our work and paint shop over the winter. Stephen has continued tidying up the warehouse.
In the Booking Office a tidy up ready for the new season was undertaken. All the tickets in the racks have been checked and reorganised to make them easier to find and more logical. This has also resulted in a re-write of the ticket book being necessary which has kept the Chief Booking Clerk, Beth, busy.
Michael has put a new perspex front on the leaflet rack for the front of the Booking Office. It’s a small job, but it looks so much better without the old cracked and weathered front.
Weighbridge Teas have re-opened and are now open every weekend until November. They have done a roaring trade this weekend selling take outs to the passengers as they change trains, thanks to the foresight of the ladies pre-packing cakes and treats!

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