22nd April 2012

No snow this weekend but we did get hail (without the Mary!). We completed the rail changeovers on the Camping Coach siding and headshunt. The far end of the headshunt now requires a wagon load of ash to lift and pack it properly.
The level crossing has had its final deck units installed and a few of the existing panels adjusted as they continue to settle under traffic. This sentence does not describe the amount of fiddly work required to get the levels correct.
We are planning to reinstate the lamp room that used to stand on the dock behind the Up platform. This was used for the storage and maintenance of the oil lamps that are still in use in some of the signal lamps. It was burnt down in the mid 1960s, and was unique to Levisham on the NYMR. We will reinstate this wooden building to continue our aims of restoring Levisham to its 1912 appearance. This project involves a lot of planning, as we have to try and estimate the building’s size from old photographs and then draw a plan for its construction, before calculating and ordering the materials required. The old door we are re-using for the lamp room has been further stripped of old paint. It now awaits a final paint strip in the joints before we start re-applying new paint.
Our gardeners have been out and about preparing the vegetable beds for the new crop including making new runner bean support structures. We hope for a bumper crop this summer. Come and try some then. Beth has had a sort out in the Booking Office and pasted a couple of more posters on the notice boards.

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