29th April 2012

What a wet day, its just not stopped raining and yesterday morning was not much better! However a bit, or even a lot of rain, doesn’t stop us here. First up yesterday was the collection and then de-nailing of a selection of old fence rails recovered from south of the station where a new post and pig wire fence is being installed, by others, to replace the old rotten post and rail fence.
North of the station some surplus ash left on the lineside following the track renewal has been levelled off and tidied up. Some ash came back to the level crossing to top up the walkway either side of the crossing and the access path to our huts. The fog object has been reinstated back on the lineside just north of the bracket signal following its Diamond Jubilee repaint (it was last done at the Golden Jubilee!). We have cleared some more wind fallen trees from the sight line north of the station, cutting off the branches ready for disposal and the logs ready for removal.
Elsewhere today, under cover, we have commenced making a new wicket gate (the small white gates) for the level crossing. This will be installed on the signal box side north of the crossing later this spring (this is why the level crossing deck has been widened and straightened at the north end). The platform bench which has been drying out in one of our vans has had a sand and received a first coat of primer, as has one side of the old signal box door following the removal of the last bits of paint. Our special events storage van has been partly tidied up, removing out of date rubbish and restacking the remaining stores.
Not surprisingly Weighbridge Teas didn’t have a brilliant weekend for sales, but they are open over all of the Spring Steam Gala next week. Don’t forget to call whilst looking at two A4s and Britannia, plus our usual fleet.

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