31st March 1st April 2012

Its been a hot and sunny week so the level crossing deck is drying out and warping. Therefore this weekend we have been doing further screwing and bolting down to ensure the crossing remains level and safe. We have also repaired the cracked planks which were damaged last month. Michael has continued installing the infill sections above the rail keys to provide a non trip surface.
Elsewhere, two more 12’ platform benches have been completed and returned to their places on the platform. The one we stripped last week is still damp so will need a few more weeks to dry out. The lean-to shed door frame has been adjusted now the timber is drying out so the door lock continues to function. The fog object has had its red and white cross repainted and it is now ready for reinstatement back on the lineside north of the station after a Jubilee Refurbishment – the last one was in the 2002 Jubilee Week!
Weighbridge Teas were inspected this week and passed with flying colours. We await the formal paperwork. They had a busy weekend with the Easter cake being very popular.

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