Week ending 15th April 2012

Well it’s been snowing here again, albeit not settling this time. We have had a return visit to Newtondale Halt to complete the pruning of the scrub and blackthorn. We have opened up the site and there is now a good view from the train of the area and vice versa.
We have collected the final level crossing planks from the wood yard together with some fence posts for our neighbouring landowner, who also wanted them delivering to a field down the line. The Pway trolley came in very useful for this.
At our station, Mike has completed the modifications to our portable bar. Works include the facility to have 3 beer engines in use at once, modified shelving and a repaint. In between he also managed to replace a tap washer in the gents!
Andy and Brian have continued the modification and repacking of the level crossing deck as it continues to settle. Stephen has paint stripped an old door we had ready for re-use in our next project. We have now swapped the short rails with long ones in the head shunt and camping coach siding in the south yard. There was a certain amount of adjustment necessary to allow the long rails to fit in. A short sentence which doesn’t show the amount of work involved in this!
Weighbridge Teas had a reasonable weekend although this morning’s weather did deter some visitors I’m sure. The ice creams still sell regardless although it’s a bit much when Alex nicks the Station Master’s, again!

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