5th, 6th and 7th May 2012

Considering it’s a Gala Weekend the weather has not been that bad! We have had the railway’s mini digger again and this has allowed us to work on several sites. First up was the backfilling of the field access bridge south of the station. The digger has pulled surplus spoil from around the bridge site to create a level access over the steel pipe which was placed there during the winter. The large earth and brash heap nearby was next up with the digger pulling it apart so that the wood could be removed and the soil spread and levelled. The brash was then burnt and the whole site tidied up. The timber lineside fence in that area has also been repaired and damaged rails replaced with second hand ones we had recovered from elsewhere. The ditches around the wartime display field have been cleaned out to improve drainage. There will be further work to tidy the site here once the area dries out a bit more. Finally, north of the station where we reinstated the stone culvert, the digger has spread and levelled the spoil heaps to create a level access. At the same time the nearby lineside has been levelled following the winter work on the track renewal. There is further work along the lineside to remove scrub and spread and level old spoil heaps.
Elsewhere around the station the lineside fencing renewal has continued. albeit underwater! The ground was completely waterlogged with up to 2” of standing water. It made plodging around ‘interesting’. A further 17 posts with associated rails have gone in (or looking at it another way, another £350 of materials!). Some old window units have had their glass removed and the rotten timber dismantled ready for disposal.
Weighbridge Teas had a good 4 days serving their usual wares and are looking forward to another successful gala weekend next week. They also sent food parcels by train to the digger team working away from the station (just the ticket to keep us going).

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