18th June 2012

The day dawned bright and sunny for the arrival of the Olympic torch into North Yorkshire, and more importantly, onto our railway. As has been reported similarly elsewhere in the country, the crowds turned out to see the flame – over 200 people arriving at Levisham for that very purpose! At 11.15 A4 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley came through proudly wearing the headboard ‘NYMR Torch Bearer’ whilst the torch (unlit) and safety lamp (lit) were held up in a coach window for all to see (if you were quick!). Weighbridge Teas were open and did a brisk trade, the staff wearing Union Jack branded clothes and aprons, and even your Station Master donned his uniform and official hat. With the station decked out in bunting and Union Jacks it all looked very smart for such a short, but important event for the station.

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  • Happy Horace:

    Sorry to be picky but the Union Flag is only termed ‘Union Jack’ when it is flying on a ship.
    Missing you Chaps (and Chapesses!). I’ll return at some stage. ‘HH’

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