23rd & 24th June 2012

Well the Wombles have been out on tour again to Pickering, this time to dig the foundations for the new demonstration signal box. The excavation had to be 5m x 3m x 1m deep at the shallow end – part of the hole is on the platform ramp and so is 1.5m deep at the other end. We were supported by the Pway Department who provided a works train for us comprising an 08 diesel shunter, 2 open spoil wagons and a brake van. The train was manned by Martyn and Peter who also helped us dig the hole and push the wheelbarrows. We had our own headboard on the front – ‘Wombles on Tour – Laying a Firm Foundation’ whilst our Womble box graced the brake van.
Digging the hole went fairly straightforwardly thanks to the use of a mini digger (with site supervisor Bungo on the roof!) and a road breaker, buts it is surprising how many wheelbarrows full it takes to cart the spoil away and load it onto the wagons. We got the job finished late afternoon though so all it now needs is the concrete – anyone fancy joining us next Saturday morning at 6am?
Sunday we were back at the station with several tasks undertaken. The bar marquee was moved close up to the main marquee ready for next weekends private wedding and the new gate has been trial fitted on the level crossing – it still needs some adjustment before we can commission it though. The cows have been having a fun time removing fence rails down the line so we have been out there refixing those we could and renewing those damaged beyond repair. North of the station we have continued levelling the lineside and cutting down the scrub – in the pouring rain. We’ve now reached milepost 13, almost to Yorfalls. Thanks to Weighbridge Teas for sending us hot drinks via the northbound train.

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