6th June 2012

We hope you all had a very happy Diamond Jubilee weekend. Regular readers will have noticed a lack of report for last weekend, the reason being we were all on holiday! That is not to say nothing was going on, Weighbridge Teas were open and they managed to erect all the bunting around the station ready for this weekend’s celebrations. They also held a 2 minutes silence on the Monday as a mark of respect for the railway’s guard who died a fortnight ago at Grosmont.
Normal service was resumed this weekend. First up was cutting the grass and collecting the cuttings in the paddock. This used to be done by contract but at present we are having to do it and boy does it take a long time! We could then erect the main marquee complete with psychedelic bunting ready for the 60’s event next weekend. With the main marquee up, we commenced on the bar tent. This is a new marquee (to us), it being gifted to us this spring. It is bigger than our normal bar tent albeit made by the same manufacturer. Hopefully this will provide a bit more covered space to keep out of the sun (or rain!). With the marquees up it was in with the stage, the chairs, moving the picnic tables into the paddock and generally getting ready for next weekend.
Sunday evening saw a team south at the recently piped culvert after the last train to Pickering had passed. We worked with a neighbouring landowner to spread spoil from some ditch digging some years ago onto the pipe area to build up the levels. The following day we went back to erect suitable wing fences with recycled posts and rails.
Elsewhere on the station, further filling and paint application has been undertaken on the new wicket gate. Recovered hinges have come out of store and been cleaned down and primed. The gate pins are stamped NER!
Further lineside clearance has been undertaken north of the station on both sides of the line. This has improved the sighting of the outer home signal for trains coming from the north. Fence repairs were also undertaken in the vicinity in an effort to keep sheep off our line.
Weighbridge Teas had a good 4 days, helped on one day with a train sitting here for 30 minutes due to delays elsewhere on the line! The staff wore Union Jack clothing and there was even a jubilee cake to sample.
Alex celebrated his second birthday over the weekend with friends and relations joining him at the station for a picnic lunch. He also reached the ‘ton’ just before the weekend. What’s the ‘ton’ I hear you cry, why being on 100 different footplates before his second birthday! He is well and truly ‘bomb proof’ as far as locos go.
Don’t forget the 60’s weekend next with Shadows Music, Shazam, Ian Geast and the famous Real Ale bar all at the station! Come celebrate and drink all the beer!

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