9th and 10th June 2012

We must start with some sad news, we were broken into on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Our workshop coach and the adjacent van had their locks smashed off to gain access. The theives took all our long extension leads out of both vehicles. We have therefore had to purchase new ones, quickly, as we needed them for the weekend plus fit new hasps and locks. It cost around £300 for all the parts (plus our time doing the repairs) but I doubt if they got £20 at a scrap yard for what they nicked. Bxxxxrds.
It’s 60’s weekend and what a musical weekend we had! Shazam, Ian Geast and Shadows Music performed again here over the weekend come sun, drizzle or rain. Both catering outlets were open plus the Real Ale bar in the side marquee. Sales of sandwiches, pasties and drinks went very well but the cakes did not go as quickly. Fergus controlled the crossing and managed the platform tickets for those not coming by train to the event.
We had a display of Minis (the cars, not the dresses!) on Saturday in the yard. We had hoped to display them opposite the cottage on the Wartime field so they would be on full view from the train but the rain put paid to that idea, the ground being waterlogged.
Elsewhere around the station further coats of paint have been applied to the new wicket gate metalwork. An old Thomas banner has been painted over for use on other events when it can be marked up and displayed. At the level crossing, works have continued to prepare the site for the new gate with old kerbs lifted out and new edging ones installed to delineate the grass from the walkway. We have got a new chainsaw blade for the branch lopper and the difference isn’t half noticeable – it cuts instead of burning its way through. We have given Geoff a new challenge – the repair of a large North Eastern lamp which has seen better days. He has begun cleaning the remaining metal down and working out what new material is needed. This lamp will hopefully be used on a recreated rotating post signal for an accommodation crossing.
Next weekend we have Hunmanby Brass Band playing in the marquee on the Sunday so come and join us for another musical extravaganza.

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