21st/22nd July2012

What a hot weekend! After last weekend’s hectic activities it’s been nice to wind down a little this one. First up it was back into the long grass and bog to continue installing the new lineside fence. We had to use the strimmer to cut down the undergrowth so we could find where we were actually working, the vegetation had grown so much! We got a further 7 posts installed and now await a new delivery. We only need another 22 to get to the old gateway near the advance starting signal.
With financial assistance from ourselves the S&T Dept have provided new roofing felt to recover their North Eastern stores van parked alongside our dock. With the materials to hand, and the weather on our side, it was out with the scaffold tower to give us safe access to the roof. It was clear to see where the old felt had failed and was letting water in. Hopefully the new felt will be good for at least 10 years.
The paddock stores hut has had a tidy up after last weekends rapid putting away of the marquees. We can now get to the far end again! Stephen has continued sorting out one of our stores van. Hopefully once he finishes we will be able to get to the stores easier.
The Junior Volunteers came on Sunday for a mix of new and re-tests of the Personal Track Safety course. They all passed and we will welcome many back tomorrow and Tuesday when they come to do some work here. Sunday included preparation work for tomorrow’s arrival of the juniors when jobs to do include painting parts of our yard crane, painting one of our open wagons, collecting timber and other things to keep them all interested.
With it being so warm, ice creams were the order of the day at Weighbridge Teas, but saying that there was a steady stream of customers requesting drinks, pasties, pies and cakes.

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