28th/29th July 2012

Well the good weather continues (bar the odd shower). There has been a wedding reception in the paddock on Sunday, so we provided a little assistance to them in setting up for it on Saturday (they had provided their own marquee and contents).
On the station we have started work on this year’s Wartime Scenario but yet again we can’t tell you what it is as it is Top Secret. However we can say it’s not a V1 launch ramp! David has continued working on the platform gardens, digging out stubborn weeds and tidying up the plants. It’s a slow job working carefully around the existing planting.
We had help from the Junior Volunteers last Monday and Tuesday. They primed and undercoated parts from our yard crane; lopped down bushes and tidied up some logs. They all enjoyed themselves and we hope to see them again in the future. This weekend we continued applying further coats of paint ready for when we erect the crane, hopefully later this year/over the winter period.
With the fine weather, Weighbridge Teas had a good weekend with a steady stream of customers. A quantity of genuine Yorkshire Tea mugs were delivered to serve our Yorkshire Tea so Malcolm and Tony 2 busied themselves making some storage shelves.

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