4th/5th August 2012

Its been back up the line this weekend, clearing another length of the lineside ready for the second track. All the scrub has been cut down and stacked ready for disposal and the uneven ground levelled with the mini digger. Due to the hot weather, we again received drinks supplies, including ice!, from Weighbridge Teas with delivery via the passing trains.
Back at the station, the signal box nameboards have been cleaned off, undercoated and part top coated whilst the Booking Office awning has had similar treatment. The platform seats have also been touched up where necessary following the use of filler in the cracks the previous week. Passing vehicles have been catching their roofs on some overhanging trees on the road for quite a while. These offending branches have now been pruned with loppers and bow saws along with lots of unwanted shoots closer to the ground. David has continued his unending work on the station gardens whilst Ben has been strimming part of the rifle range site north of the crossing.
Weighbridge Teas had a good weekend with hot and cold food selling very well. Tony 2 has almost finished his refurbishment of the litter bins around the station with a new coat of paint.

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