22nd, 23rd September 2012

Another dry weekend albeit with frosts each night. The new main marquee posts have now been roped and had their metalwork affixed ready for their first use in a fortnight. We have also made some additional short guy ropes for the side poles as several ropes were snapped during this seasons use.
In the cottage the cables in the front room to the stereo have been tidied up into cable trunking making the place look much neater. This job sounds easy but it did involve dismantling the seating to get behind it!
On the lineside north of the station we have completed the burning of the scrub and brushwood, started last weekend by the Juniors and Family Volunteers. The lineside is now clear and ready for use…… We took our lunch up there as we knew we were going to be a while. Kerry saw the drink bottle – summer fruits- and was about to pour it on the kindling to start the fire until we stopped him. He thought it was paraffin! The drink is now known as Kerrifin! We have also recovered most of the timber branches we had set aside for use on the fires back at the cottage. At the same time we brought a further trolley full of timber trunks from the forest which had been cut down last year, in the process tidying the ‘slot through the trees used by the signalman to ‘spot’ trains.
We have continued work on the secret project which is now coming on well. Works have included painting bricks, making mouldings, fitting woodwork and hanging net curtains! Only 3 weeks now before you can find out what it is. We also had a couple of our German re-enactors down making further set props ready for the Pioneers to demolish during the wartime event as part of their training camp at the station.
Weighbridge Teas had a reasonable day on Saturday but were very quiet today. Why not come down next weekend and help boost their income? Don’t forget it is Steam Gala weekend so there should be plenty to see and do as well.

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